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About Royal Kids Academy

Welcome to Royal Kids Academy, the place where leaders are inspired and developed. We understand how important it is to give kids the best start in their life. Little minds are open and ready to grasp maximum knowledge and we encourage them towards this. Rooted in innovative childhood practices, our curriculum empowers kids to turn into critical thinkers and ingenious learners who are passionate about lifelong learning.

Our focus is completely upon providing a lively, active and cheerful environment where kids learn through play and gain new knowledge at every step. We don’t believe in laborious methods of teaching and therefore, emphasize on friendly and visionary endeavors. We see a unique individual in every child and believe each one of them has special skills and talents. This vision of ours helps us to take them closer to their strengths so that they excel in future.


At Royal Kids Academy, we invest great effort to direct, nurture and inspire the next generation. Not following the usual teaching tactics, we let kids learn through hands-on experience and explore beyond imagination. With our innovative methodology, we ensure every child learns new things in a fun environment where he/she makes new friends and improves interpersonal skills and relationships. Kids are motivated at every step and challenged to the extent they are capable of.

Meet The President

Sofia Ambreen Bawazir

With 15 years of experience as a preschool teacher and director, Sofia Ambreen Bawazir is a perfect example of patience, energy, and compassion. She understands the emotional demands when working with the children. She holds bachelor’s degree in Science. Along with that, she also holds an associate degree in early childhood development and child psychology. She is adult-child-infant CPR and first aid certified. Also, she has learned the basic medical terminology and disease control health and safety measures. Sofia is a dynamic, enthusiastic, and friendly person who loves to motivate children to learn new things. With zest to meet their needs, she takes care of them by understanding their mindset.

Meet The Administrator

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