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Day Care Program

Infants and toddlers learn best in a safe and warm environment where they can explore in their own way. Our nursery is well resourced with caring and gentle educators who develop nurturing relationships with your baby. Our day care program is intended around their boundless curiosity and their innate desire to push boundaries.

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Royal Baby

We believe in child-centered pedagogy and support them in building a sense of confidence. We explore new ideas to make the babies learn with all their senses and expose them to multiple experiences. Our program supports their growth and development by offering different activities that engage them in essential sensory exploration.

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Toddlers Care

We observe and analyze the interactions of a toddler with the environment, materials, and peer. Toddlers care program is designed to meet the skills and development of children. We ensure that kids enjoy real-life learning experiences. As children are open for new challenges, we ensure to extend their horizon and let them learn to concentrate, experiment and play.

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Pre-school Program

We prepare children for success by indulging them in different activities. We ensure there is a smooth transition to formal schooling with significant and progressive learning experiences. We focus on attentive care and play-based learning. We foster your child's natural desire to engage with educational programs for life.

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Summer Camps

Summer camps are all about fun, joy, excitement, and learning. We take the opportunity to help the children learn through meaningful adventures and inspiring surroundings. Our vacation programs offer convenience and peace of mind. We offer the children memorable time where they are treated to many different activities, including excursions.

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After School Program (K-8th Grade)

After school programs give children and teenagers the nutrition they need and draw them to constructive activities that are safe and fun. We help the scholars hone their academic skills and gain the confidence to engage and succeed in the school programs. We provide a safe, healthy and stimulating place for the children aligned to rigorous standards.

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